In 2014, when new owners purchased one of the grand, 19th-century “summer cottages” that grace historic North Broadway in Saratoga Springs, Old Saratoga Restorations was already intimately acquainted with it.

Year after year, the previous owner had hired OSR to work on one carefully planned restoration project after another. What had not been dealt with in the previous restoration projects was the Eliza Doolittle of a garage tucked behind the stately home.The 7,000-square foot "summer cottage" facing Broadway. The carriage house faces Second Street.

Under its dingy aluminum siding and electric bay door was a proper Victorian carriage house. The new family saw both the charm and potential of the building and asked OSR to turn the building into a single family home.

The project was granted an Adaptive Reuse Award in 2015 by the Saratoga Springs Historic Preservation Foundation for the project. Upon accepting the award, the owner said, “the house is similar to a geode, historic on the outside, but shiny and new on the inside.”

See the process and the result below. Before photos by OSR staff. After photos by Dania Bagyi Photography.

The Construction Process

The Pay Off

Remodeling and Home Design